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Shrines for Fun Creative Self Expression, Devotional Practice, Remembrance,
Classroom Art Instruction, Parties, Gatherings and Soulful Home Décor
Featuring Ready-Made and Make-Your-Own Kits

Make your own shrine with the Portals to Peace Shrine Kit SMALL BOX KIT
Dimensions: 7½”side 10 3/8 tall 7” wide
Includes sandpaper, instructions, 10 pieces


Dimensions: 8”side 11”tall 8 1/8 “wide
Includes sandpaper, instructions, 10 pieces


Shrine Kit open and laid out
Shrines or niches have been used since early human history as places of focus and connection to inner life. I began designing altars (open spaces for devotional practice) and shrines (enclosed boxes) as part of my painting exhibits in the year 2000. Wanting to share the creative experience with my friends and students, I developed this kit which has become a perfect vehicle for art instruction, party activities, home and office décor, and personal spiritual practice. (see booklet Beth Amine‘s Portals to Peace, Fun Creative Art Expression Through Shrine Making)

This kit is easy to assemble with craft glue, and is hand crafted in California from fine birch. It includes ten pieces and sandpaper. It is meant to be painted, embellished, and grown with as a unique portrait of the self. And, it’s also a great gift! Read the booklet for a how-to and ideas. Great for classroom and parties as well as personal use.

If you would like your shrine already assembled and painted so you can put in your special objects and decorations directly, choose from one of our ready made pieces:

PLAIN: This is the already assembled kit.

PAINTED: These are solid colors, and 3 metallics are offered. Also choose from a variety of designer colors which are hand painted and glazed on the assembled kit. Small and Medium sizes are available.

FAUX FINISH: Choose from a variety of handpainted faux finishes to further personalize your shrine. Small and Medium sizes are available.

SHAPED AND PAINTED: The small kit has been embellished with a symbolic shape. See the Rituals Section of my booklet for suggested use. Adds 1to 2 inches around the outside perimeter of the box.

CUSTOM COLOR SHRINE: We can create a shrine in any color. Please add $30 to the cost of an assembled unpainted shrine and supply a color sample by mail. Contact Beth directly for this.